Rice Purity Test - Frequently Asked Questions in 2021

Basically, in this article, I am going to share some frequently asked questions for those who want to check their rice purity test.

Rice Purity Test is a kind of survey where there is the inclusion of various questions which are related to our lives.

Compare your score with your mates and see who’s got more swag! Want to know more about this test, how to play it, and the rice purity test score meaning, read the complete details below.

Rice Purity Test Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ of Rice Purity

I have listed out some frequently asked questions in the rice purity test which I am going to share in this section which will help you while you will be giving the rice purity test.

Top 10 rice purity test issues for Boys and, Most Popular rice purity test issues for Girls

Purity Quiz

Rice purity test frequently asked questions. But before that let me give you a little introduction of the rice purity test so that those who don’t what the rice purity test is all about, would able to know.

Rice purity test is a test designed by Rice University for their fresher students to check their maturity and build a good bonding with their seniors. Even initially when it was released wasn’t allowed to boy’s student also, which means only girls could be allowed to give the test. But as time spent by things become and boys also got approval to give this test.

And it wasn’t limited only to the Rice University but with the help of the internet it gets viral and today anybody from anywhere can give this test. From 1924 to now there are many versions of rice purity tests came out and each one harder than the previous one.

Rice Purity Test has contained 100 adult level questions from a human's very personal life related to sex, alcohol, drugs, etc. Now some students and other peoples doubt that why should do their rice purity test and that’s why here I am going to share some frequently asked questions by audiences which will help you to clear all your doubt about rice purity test.

Should I take 100 questions or 500 questions?

It depends on your strength and capacity, if you are giving a 100 question test, quickly you would be able to finish but if you are giving a 500 question test then you have to go a little deeper.

1. How much score is good?

No score has been fixed for good or bad, it depends on persons, what score is good for you, maybe for someone else it’s terrible. So, there is no fixed score for this, the higher you score the more you will consider as mature.

2. When should I take the Rice Purity Test?

Initially, it was taken by the newer students of Rice University after the adjustment week of the college. As you know this test is available for everyone so anybody can do this test who wants to check their maturity and innocence level.

3. Should I tell my score to all my college friends?

It’s entirely up to you because some people feel embarrassed to tell this score to anyone but you are not, then you can say anybody.

4. Should I take a personality test along with a rice purity test?

This is not a compulsory test for anyone especially it has been designed for students who have just planned to enter college or as a fresher entered just to build a good bonding and relationship with their seniors. So, these are the some frequently asked questions by those who want to take their rice purity test, hope it will help you.


Above we talked about the rice purity test is a self-reviewed test that has been made by the rice college only to check the purity level of people. One who needs to give a rice purity test should comprehend 100 distinct classifications of grown-up inquiries.

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